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The PATH™ Program (Practical Applications in Trauma Healing) is my culturally-informed, trademarked trauma program formulated over a decade which utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques to alleviate the symptoms of the soul fracture that result from sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.

I specialise in treating:

  1.  Women who have been sexually assaulted (including via drug facilitated assault)

  2.  Women who were sexually abused as children

This program is also appropriate for women who have had abortion(s) and those who have suffered early pregnancy loss (miscarriage), and stillbirth.

Symptoms, which include panic attacks, anxiety, mood swings, depression, eating disorders, flashbacks, phobias, hypervigilance, isolation, seizures not related to epilepsy, nightmares, insomnia, dissociative disorders and more, are all common physiological, emotional and behavioral  results of trauma. The dissociation that occurs in most of these trauma cases are also addressed with an aim to process and integrate the Self.

Techniques employed in this program, make it possible to process a trauma without re-living it. Clients are encouraged to actively question the assumption that one is permanently damaged and one is a “victim”. This is not my personal belief and not the belief held by appropriately trained trauma therapists. Symptoms CAN be alleviated to bring great comfort.

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A Quick Note

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, yes! we surely can do trauma processing, including EMDR. If you have concerns about this, we can have a chat. We don't have to do anything you are uncomfortable with during this time and we can do other work   that is extremely supportive and preparatory for the treatment ahead and soothing for you once you are ready.


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