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  • Please note: I do not use Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

This is for both the continued support of my mental health and the maintenance of healthy boundaries with others. Email and voicemail are the best options for contact.

  • My practice is fully-virtual.

  • I am a trauma-oriented therapist who focuses on symptom and problem resolution, building of skills and mentalization - over classification and diagnosis. At any point in treatment, if a diagnosis will be beneficial in your progress we can discuss it at that time.

  • As a solo private practitioner, my practice is not equipped to meet the needs of individuals who need after-hours care and crisis services. I will not be a good fit for you if you need this level of care. In the event of an emergency, please contact your primary care physician or dial 811.

  • I place a high value on rest, personal time, and the ability to recharge outside of my office hours in order to support my sustainability and provide you with the best possible care. This is one way in which I model right behaviour to clients. I do not receive phone calls or messages on weekends, evenings, holidays, or during scheduled time off to make that a reality. I would be happy to provide you with referrals to other resources or therapists who can support your needs and coordinate care if you believe your requirements are outside of my scope.

  • I do not engage in any coaching activities nor do I price in package format.

  • Client sessions are not recorded.

  • I do not solicit testimonials for my counselling services from my clients so none are featured here.

  • None of the text/copy on my page was generated/created/assisted by AI. All material is original and mine - including grammatical errors.

  • I cannot provide internships or employment at this time.

  • My services incur a fee per session.

If you need affordable services, please contact the National Family Services Division of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services:

  • Also note that I DO NOT offer:

    • counselling for men (please do not request an exception)

    • any substance abuse counselling (you may try the Caura Hospital)

    • addictions therapy (you may seek help here:

    • conversion therapy (this is an unethical practice)

    • relationship counselling/couples/marriage therapy

    • counselling for children and adolescents/teenagers (I am not trained for this population)

    • services to individuals mandated by the courts (the court officers may be able to refer you)

    • services to individuals with personality disorders (e.g., borderline, narcissistic, anti-social, histrionic, etc.); bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia (a clinical psychologist and/or psychiatrist may be able to support you)

For these needs my services are simply not the right fit. Thankfully, there are many other psychologists and counsellors who can address these areas.

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Note: The inquiry form has been disabled as I am currently not
on-boarding new clients. You may check back to see when I do.
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