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trauma is treatable


Trauma Therapy- PATH™


The PATH™ Program is my trademarked trauma therapy program that utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques to alleviate the symptoms that result from sexual and reproductive trauma to allow a shift to a state of healing and thriving. This program is excellent for:

  • Women who have been raped/sexually assaulted

  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault cases

  • Women who were sexually abused as children

  • Women who have suffered early pregnancy loss (miscarriage) or stillbirth

  • Women who have had abortion

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Group Sessions
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Intensive Trauma Therapy

Intensive Trauma Treatment is a safe and effective approach to help resolve the symptoms and effects of trauma faster than the traditional model of therapy which is usually spread out over a period of months/years. Clients feel better faster and make better progress through their healing goals.

  • This is a one-on-one, private service that may be conducted online or in-person.

  • Sensitive to the unique challenges of high-profile clients who require discretion.

  • You must be assessed to be considered for this type of trauma intervention and determine if you will benefit from this intensive.


Recent Incident Trauma

If you are not seeking on-going therapy or already have a therapist but need to work on a traumatic event that has occurred in the past 3 months, this service is available to you. The goal here is to prevent symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome/Disorder (PTSS/PTSD) from settling in. Once that is done you can continue working on the concern or go about your daily living.

  • Some concerns can be resolved in three hours (a single extended session)

  • Many can be eased in less than 10 hours (5 sessions)
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Recent Incident Trauma
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Nightmare Resolution

Recurring nightmares as a result of trauma or general unconscious content attempting to garner your attention is actually quite common. The power of images and the imagination is a huge part of how I choose to work. Recent research has found that ongoing nightmares may increase suicidal risk.

The benefits:

  • Your understanding of the nightmare content

  • A recreation of your dream landscape

  • Better rest - part of the foundation of better mental health

  • A deeper clearing out of traumatic material

  • Respect for the body and the mind via improved sleep hygiene, appreciation for quality sleep, understanding the purpose of dreams and living with more intention.

Nightmare Resolution

Archetypal Art

  • It is actually a somatic approach to shifting traumatic material and supports a conscious physical release and a better understanding of the felt sense of your inner world.

  • This service is available by invite only twice per year and usually offered to past and current clients

  • If you are interested however, you are welcome to sign-up below to learn about the next series:

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