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Oraine R. Ramoo

Certified Trauma Therapist
EMDR Certified Therapist (EMDRIA)
EMDRIA Approved Consultant

It is my pleasure to provide professional, quality psychology and counseling services to women in Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean. I take pride in providing excellent customer service and new therapies whilst catering to the mental health needs of women. Offerings include individual counseling, trauma assessments, intensive trauma therapy, alternative therapies - including aromatherapy. If you are interested in my work with complementary medicine, you may visit my other site: Raine Wisdom Apotheca.


One-on-one counselling is available for the following:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Dissociative Disorders

  • Pre-Menstrual Concerns

  • Grief

  • Emotional Balancing

  • Life Transitions


Trauma Therapy

  • Women who have been raped/sexually assaulted

  • Women who were sexually abused as children

  • Women who have suffered early pregnancy loss (miscarriage) or stillbirth

  • Women who have had abortion

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My counselling practice is designed to provide clients with the tools and teachings to assist them through their life’s challenges, find who they truly are and assist them in their healing. I have wonderful therapeutic and natural ways to help with depression, trauma, anxiety, PMS and stress. My trainings as a Certified Trauma Therapist and a Certified EMDR Therapist (EMDRIA) are the main forces behind my unique offering the PATH Program which helps adult women in processing the traumas of childhood sexual abuse, rape, abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth. We do this work gently - gentle is sustainable.

I prefer to work with women who are ready to truly transform from the inside out:

  • honestly searching to improve their lives

  • truly motivated

  • committed to healing & learning

  • desire a lifestyle of self-care & balance

  • willing live their authentic lives

Trusted counselling techniques and modern psychological services are a fixture here. When I work with clients the  focus is on sustainable wellness – no superficial, quick fixes, but deep-reaching tools and techniques that can be used for life! My approach is less on pathology and more on emotional and mental well-being with a culturally trauma-informed approach. I love to share multitudes of stories from various cultures as a teaching tool and incorporate techniques that allow for meaningful lifestyle changes.

Located in San Fernando, I work from my private practice, Camhanach Counselling Services.





Services are dispensed by appointment ONLY. Please contact to set up an appointment. I have the right to refuse services to anyone, for any reason, at any time and remove from the grounds anyone I deem necessary. Appropriate referrals will be made if applicable.

Hallmarks of Service

Confidentiality – Counseling is a private and confidential undertaking. What we talk about in private sessions is not made available to anyone, without your express permission. All steps are taken to guard your personal information and to keep your identity safe. The premises are quiet, safe and private.

Excellent Customer Service – You are treated pleasantly and with respect and courtesy each time you enter and leave. This extends to contact via the phone and email as well. Calls are answered within two business days. I heartily welcome questions, compliments and even complaints!

Genuine Care – The profession of counselor is one where the counselor strives to not only offer professional but genuine care to clients. Clients feel welcomed, listened to, appreciated for what they have to offer and the trust they put in our hands. Clients will never feel uncomfortable or prejudiced. I accept individuals across race, religion, and sexual orientation.


My services incur a fee per session.


If you need affordable services, please contact the National Family Services Division of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services:

Please note that I DO NOT offer:

  • counselling for men (please do not request an exception)

  • any substance abuse counselling

  • addictions therapy

  • conversion therapy (this is an unethical practice)

  • Relationship counselling

  • couples/marriage therapy

  • counselling for children and adolescents/teenagers

  • services to individuals mandated by the courts

  • services to individuals with personality disorders (e.g., borderline, narcissistic, anti-social, histrionic, etc.); bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. 

For these needs my services are simply not the right fit. Thankfully, there are many other psychologists/counsellors who can address these areas.

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