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Intensive Trauma Therapy

Intensive Trauma Treatment is a safe and effective approach to helping alleviate the symptoms and effects of trauma faster than the traditional model of therapy spread out over a period of months. Clients feel better faster and make better progress through their healing goals.

I was originally trained to work intensively, but shifted the model to work for the local landscape. As my work has progressed over the past 14 years, I have found that a return to intensive work has value for those who would like support with their trauma but are unable to fit into my regular practice availability.


Once you reach out to me, we complete the assessment stage and you are found fit for this type of service you can expect to work for 4 hrs (half-day), 7 hrs (one day) or 14 hrs (over a consecutive 2-day period).

This is a one-on-one, private service that may be conducted online or in-person.

Clients who require discretion because of their professional sphere prefer this format.


Issues that can be addressed:

  • Childhood sexual abuse

  • Sexual assault (as an adult)

  • Miscarriage

  • Abortion

  • Home invasion

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Hostage or kidnap situations

  • Vehicular accidents

  • Chronic illness

  • Witnessing a traumatic incident

  • Grief

You must be assessed to be considered for this type of trauma intervention and determine if you will benefit from this intensive.


You will be educated on trauma and its effects; learn to regulate your thoughts and your body as trauma stays in the body. Most importantly, you will tell your story in your own words and then we actively work on alleviating the traumatic memories of both body and mind via processing. I will incorporate a number of techniques once they are appropriate.

Upon successful completion of your sessions, you will be equipped with an effective knowledge toolkit and resources for continued/ongoing support beyond sessions, a deeper understanding of self with a focus on sustainable wellness via meaningful lifestyle changes.

NOTE: If you feel that what we have addressed is complete in less time than we have scheduled, you are not obligated to finish the sessions. However, no refund will be provided. Some clients take more time or less time to work through an issue. The timeline provides flexibility and ample room for completion.


All lodging, meals and transportation are your responsibility. I am happy to recommend several Airbnb’s and hotels in the area.
Due to the intensive nature of these sessions, combining this treatment with a vacation is not recommended. However, if you wish to stay on AFTER your intensive, that would be an excellent idea.

Those travelling from outside of Trinidad can, of course, stay with family if any but for those, including locals, who require privacy, downtime and peace for integration after sessions, there are two hotel options within a mile of my office:

Of note, I am beautifully situated near the High Street in San Fernando, C3 Shopping CentreGulf City Mall and South Park Shopping Centre. Amazing food, quality shopping  and all your needs can easily be met here.

If you require any medical attention or would like to undergo any medical procedures here, I am happy to report that I am situated close to the San Fernando General Hospital. For private care: Arocpolis Medical CentreGulf View Medical CentreSurgi-Med and Southern Medical Clinic are all within 10 minutes (or less) of my location.

If you have your own vehicle or rental vehicle, parking is available onsite at the office. If not, I can arrange transport from the airport to the hotel and later between the hotel and office at an extra charge paid direct to the driver.

Questions are most welcome, please feel free to contact me at (868) 221-4785 or

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