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Past Life Regression Therapy

I am excited to offer this unique therapy to those interested in exploring their past lives for understanding and healing.

Past Life Regression Therapy allows for us to explore the landscape of your subconscious and what resides there through a deep relaxed state. If you are on a journey to find out more about who you are, this is a great voluntary option to learn more about some of your feelings, experiences, etc., where they may have originated and best of all heal what we can there. There are several benefits:

  • A more grounded sense of self

  • Discern new approaches to solving problems

  • A more confident presence and perspective in the world

  • Seeing your relationships clearly and making better decisions

  • Deeper inner healing


This page will not go in-depth into how sessions are conducted, but to give you a sense of how I will work with you, so you may best understand the goals of PLRT. In this way, I am also addressing some misconceptions and offering an update of current international treatment guidelines.

  • You will not be hypnotized/asleep. You will be quite aware but in a very relaxed state - much like meditation, deep prayer or during a massage. I will help you become relaxed using breathwork in a safe and quiet space.

  • I am not leading you, but facilitating a process. This is a very client-centered approach. YOU have control over the start and end of your session and throughout. You will be sharing what is coming up for you and will be able to hear me ask non-leading questions.

  • Just because you see it unfold in your mind does not mean that that happened exactly that way. For many people PLRT has symbolic meaning and it is from these images that we can glean pertinent information to help you.

  • PLRT works regardless of your religion/spirituality/faith. That being said, I never encourage anyone to do something they are fearful of, have doubts if it is appropriate for them, etc. I can address your concerns, but I will not force you into undergoing a session.

  • There is healing! During the session, we do heal the pieces that require it. Luckily, most of my counselling techniques work beautifully here!

  • PLRT sessions are treated with the same care and confidentiality as my counselling services.

  • You will be fully briefed on the process before it begins, so you can be as comfortable as possible.

  • We will speak about everything when the actual PLR time is over so we may make some determinations as to what you experienced, come to some understandings and I will offer ways for you to use the information in your daily life, or to move to your next step.

  • BYOB! Bring Your Own Blanket! You'll be very cozy.


Most people do enjoy their sessions and give positive feedback. I do not suggest doing PLRT weekly or monthly. Most times it is best to allow your session to integrate and give yourself some room to see what shifts and changes take place, how you feel about things and how they play out in your life. Then determine you will move from that point.


PLRT is NOT a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. It can be a great complement to therapy and only if conducted with the right intentions. It may not get to the root of a problem, but it may shine light on things that can be changed in ways of thinking and doing that can assist.

PLRT cannot and will not be conducted on the following populations:

  • People with schizophrenia

  • Persons with personality disorders

  • Those who have severe depression

  • Anyone who has had any brain injury or surgery or illness that affects brain function

  • People who are spiritually bypassing

  • Folks who want to do it "for fun"

These sessions are 3 hours long and I currently only facilitate one per month.

All dates for 2022 were booked. Subscribe to my newsletter for 2023 dates!

Please contact Oraine at 221-4785 or to determine if this is a valid option for you and to book a session.

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