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Female Executives

Women in the workplace in Trinidad & Tobago have very unique needs and require a level of support that enhances their natural gifts and empowers their psyche so they can thrive both in the workplace and in their lives.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

This is not another leadership program.

This is not another coaching program.

I have spent the past 13 years helping women from all walks of life heal trauma, navigate life transitions and deepen their intuition. These women are senior HR officers, attorneys, medical doctors, engineers, banking, marketing  executives, entrepreneurs and a few beauty queens...

Despite their academic and professional successes - they carried the burden of trauma, ongoing sexual harassment in professional spheres, mobbing by co-workers, unsupportive partners and parents, motherhood, illnesses, spiritual upheavals, and plain existential crises.

We worked hard - using whatever we had up our sleeves to pull up and out. Amid confounding blinks, tears, anger, disbelief, laughter, research, writing, a bouff here-and-there, emails, and a lot of chocolate, they did it.

Compassion  Courage  Curiosity  Creativity

They sat straighter. Made eye-contact. Started smiling more. Their voices were stronger and even melodious. Their discernment improved. Their boundaries clarified. They walked with their heads held up. Their feet were no longer turned in at the ankles. Their breathing was deeper. Their clothes fit differently. Their eyes glittered with life.

They regained their true selves. And they are magnificent.

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