The Last Third of the Year

This goes out to all of you who have over the years identified as: spiritually gifted, highly sensitive (HSP), introverted, and otherwise gifted and sensitive.

Making Notes

Here we are at the final 4 months of 2020 and I don't have to tell you what a year it has been! Last year I'd mentioned that 2020 would be the year of becoming and I wouldn't hesitate to say that this has been exactly that. As you know, the route to anything is rather circuitous and so is the road to "becoming". I entreat you to truly think upon this year - all the good, bad, bizarre, confounding and amazing - with a lens to see what helped you shift and grow and also what you found out about yourself/situations/others that wasn't as you had hoped once the veil lifted from your eyes, mind and heart. Yes, there were situations that took us down painful roads but we must welcome those emotions just as readily as we accept the wonderful ones.

So far for the month, I've been hearing much about tiredness. Everyone is complaining about how tired they are and rightly so. Besides the influence of COVID on EVERYTHING, the local heat, our usual personal concerns/struggles/responsibilities, the racism and vitriol that arose for our elections, crime, and such - we still had the rest of the world to deal with. I have found that those who stayed focused on their work and self-care have been buffered from much of the happenings by - dare I say - filtering what they chose to concern themselves with. It is a defense mechanism, and although the term "defense mechanism" can feel like a negative term, it has value in keeping us safe when necessary.

Rest. If you are tired (even soul-weary) find rest, as with a depleted system, the whirlwind of the next three months will affect you. Below are some guidelines to assist and beneath them, a few resources. One specific resource I'd like you to note is the PDF entitled "Discernment Questions" - a list I found by Dr. Lissa Rankin that assists you to make more thoughtful and thought-out decisions.

Please increase your physical, emotional and spiritual protection and follow the guidelines of your various faiths as much as possible. This is a great time to see what rituals you were unaware of or now need to partake in:

  1. Make sure to have any special wearable items re-blessed and wear daily (e.g., jewellery, scarves, pins, etc.)

  2. Burn your natural incenses

  3. LOTS of deep belly breathing/box breathing

  4. Make meaningful and mindful prayer or meditation part of your day

  5. Have your physical homes, vehicles and if possible business places or office spaces – cleaned, cleared and re-blessed

  6. If your gut tells you that a person or situation is NOT for you – heed that. RUN.

  7. As much I don’t want people to be any less social, keep your shields up as you go about your day, especially in public and shared spaces

  8. We must be empathetic and kind to others, but watch your emotional, physical and energetic boundaries as you attempt to help others

  9. I have given instruction over the years to many of you for ways to clear – please increase that

  10. More time spent in nature will do well. Due to COVID this may not be quite possible – your garden, yard or just next to a plant. Be like my mom - take in the sunlight, starlight and moonlight

  11. Move your body – dance, exercise, yoga – it moves energy

  12. Take note of what the people around you are bringing into your home: spouses, kids, parents, friends, neighbours, relatives

  13. Stay hydrated

  14. Epsom salt foot baths

  15. Eat grounding foods

  16. Other grounding foods include protein from chicken and fish

  17. Be sure to take your supplements, medicines

  18. Your foundation of body and mind are your best tools: get enough sleep!

  19. Journaling, colouring, collaging, essential oils, breathwork, massage, and self-massage should now be part of your weekly/monthly routine.Think of other soothing activities that can keep you mentally and physically grounded

  20. Lessen any negativity as much as you can: i.e., news, “unclean” music (music with dirty lyrics basically), social media, hold your tongue in certain circumstances.


list of grounding foods