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We all dream - even those who say they don't. For centuries , people and hundreds of cultures have found deep fascination in their dreamscapes - from believing in their prophetic visions, experiencing visitation from deceased loved ones, obtaining answers to waking questions, and awakening from nightmares - our dreams are filled with pertinent subjective information. And you have access to it, with the right understanding and tools.


This workshop will help you get a proper start on excavating the information offered to you in your dreamworld and bring the results forward to work for you in your daily life. Excavating your dreams can help with decision-making, inspiration, creativity, spirituality, and even counselling.


I am quite excited to offer my knowledge of what works and share the deep wisdom offered by Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, the world of symbols and over a hundred of my private clients.

We will cover the following:


What exactly dreams offer to you the dreamer, theories, some history, & how to see your dreams as assisting your living.


Yes, they must be recorded, but there are enhanced ways to do so for better benefit.

Intuitive Deep Dive

Throw out your dream dictionary!

Let's plumb the depths of what you already have within. You have more than you know.


How to bring your interpreted content into improved living & connecting with your higher intuition. This can be very rewarding depth work.

The aim is for you to come away with a greater appreciation for what your unconscious has to offer you. Wisdom, understanding, self esteem and confidence are intrinsically connected to your awareness and respect for your inner world.

Date: Saturday 10th April 2021

Time: 10am - 1pm

Cost: $350 per person

Where: Online Via Zoom

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